Here we go again. I've installed SQL Server 2008. I can't seem to find my database I've created (and there are two tables so far) that were created through Visual Studio 2010 Express (I'm coding in VB). If it helps, I've determined that the database is a ".Net Framework Data Provider for SQLServer" (this according to the properties of the file). I know where the file is: "C:\Users\Don\MyDocuments\BusinessData.mdf". When loging in to the server, it seems to have all the answers correct: Server Type: Database Engine, Server Name: Don-PC\Don (this one I can't change. It is done for me). When I connect, the Object Explorer shows "Don-PC(SQL Server 10.0.5500 - Don-PC\Don). I've right clicked the server and clicked the "Properties". I've typed in the above path and that of the Log file.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks group,


So it sounds like you made a connection to the SQL service. You should right click and attach database. A window will pop up allowing you to located the db and log file(s).

Jorge, Thanks. That was the step I was missing. I wasn't right clicking "Databases" and attaching. Duh!! My only excuse is..... my dog ate my homework!

Thanks again.