Hi all,

I want to develop a pie chart with functionality of dragging and resizing but not like a fixed size.
Initially it should come as a quater sized and should be ressizable to any angle just like done with the MS power point.

Any idea to kick start this one would be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Could you clarify your question a little please? I'm not entirely sure what you're asking.

What bit do you want to drag and resize?

What do you mean by quarter sized?

Resizable to any angle?? Do you mean rotated?


Hi Ketsuekiame,

Thanks for your reply.
You may be aware of the different shapes we can draw in MS Power point like Rectangle, Pie chart, Circle etc. however I want to do the same thing along with rotation, resizing and dragging controls at run time.
If possible, could you please help and direct me how to achieve this?

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This is "dangerous" territory. You should analyse your requirement as to why something such as rotation would be required.

3D charts can/will lead to misrepresentation of data. If someone brought me a spreadsheet with a 3D graph on it, I'd tell them to go away and do it again.

You should stick with TnTinMN's example. You can still resize the object at runtime but you will lose rotation along any axis other than Z.

If you really must have it in 3D for some reason, then you will need to learn how to utilise Viewport3D, Cameras, a litle of DirectX and 3D Geometry. You will need a basic understanding of 3D mathematics which includes (but is not limited to); matrix mathematics, vector mathematics, quaternions and shape algebra (do you know the equation to compute a sphere? How about a cross section of it?).

A introductory tutorial on how to program for 3D in WPF can be found Here

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