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I need to be able to drag and drop multiple files from Outlook into my vb.net application.

Using e.data.GetData("FileGroupDescriptor") I can read using an IO.Stream the FileGroupDescriptor and detect the names of the files being dropped.

If I then use e.data.GetData("FileContents") using a IO.MemoryStream I can detecty the length of the file contents and then copy the contents of the first file from memory into a file. This works fine for the first file but I can't get to the FileContents of files 2,3,4 etc etc.

Is there a mechanism for accessing the index of the FileContents and hence set up the memorystream for the other files.

Your comments and help would be greatly appreciated .. it is driving me insane !!!!


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  • Sorry the above should have said "I can't get to the filecontents of files 2,3,4 etc etc

Whoops frustration causes poor typing and checking skills.

Take a look at this article. It's in C#, but you should be able to follow the methodology. If you have problems understanding it, feel free to ask questions here. I have implement his methods in a project of mine, so I have a basic understanding of what it is doing and some of the issues that you may encounter.

TnTimMN thanks for that I had found that article and was struggling to convert it into VB.NET but I will have another go.


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