Iam using visual Studio 2008 professional edition in which iam working with visual c++ projects. I want to generate class diagram for the project. Class diagrams are working fine with c# and VB projects but its not working for c++ projects. I created fresh projects and tried to generate class diagrams. Its showing error "Some of the selected types cannot be included in the diagram". While going through help its shows me the following reasons which may results in that error.

**Check your code for errors.

Ensure that the selected code elements are supported in Class Designer. (For example, only native C++ code is supported.)

Ensure that all required assemblies are referenced.**

Any way its not contains any errors.All assemblies are also referenced properly. Its a windows form application.

Can anyone help me on this.


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, only native C++ code is supported.)

Its a windows form application

Windows Forms is NOT native c++, it's .NET CLR/C++ which is a different language.


Is there any addins to add this functionality into visual studio.

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