There is a forum for AHK (Auto Hot key) anyone fimilar and knowledgable with it ? Someone with a lack of programming experience can't make any progress with a script, I'm resorting to elsewhere.

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I've used it a little; post your script and what you want fixed, and maybe we can help.

You also might post in "Legacy Languages" instead--IIRC, it used to be called "Legacy and Other Languages," and still seems to be a general bucket for languages that don't have their own special forum.

> start:
> #t::
> npid=
> Run, notepad.exe,,,npid
> while(!npid)
>    Sleep, 10
> WinMinimize traytip,, notepad has started 
> ifWinActive, notepad.exe; { 
>    Gui -Border +AlwaysOnTop +ToolWindow +HWNDhwnd
>    Gui Add, ActiveX, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight% vWB, Shell.Explorer
>    WB.Navigate("")
>    Gui, Show, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight%
>    WinSet, Transparent, 230, ahk_id %hwnd%
>    return
> Process, waitclose, notepad.exe
> goto start
> }

I want this script to start only when a) notepad starts b) WindowsKey+T starts the script and WindowsKey+T minimizes the script. When notepad closes, the script stops working.

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