fd98328a4ef457f3a777b94854a00974 Hi to all...

I am getting an error Load to fail report in my c sharp crystal report application. the error is some what like below mentioned.

CrystalDecisons.CrystalReports.Engine.LoadSaveReportExceptio: LoadReport failed.

also find the attachement of the error message that i got ....

Any help will be greatly apprecaited...

Thanks in advance.

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Well the error is pretty straightforward. You're missing an assembly in your build folder, or one of that assembly's dependencies is missing.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about Crystal Reports so I can't be of any more use. It's probably just that you're missing the DLL from your application folder.


ok so can you please figure out which dll is actually missing. since i have already tried to find it out. but i did not find anything relevant... kindly help...

anyway thanks a lot for the reply...


Hey Ketsuekiame...
I attached wrong image to post... Kindly find the actual attachement of the error message... Sorry for trouble...

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Is this an app you've written? I can't tell you anything from that message other than the report is probably corrupted or you've tried to load invalid data...

This is a C# forum, not really a general software support forum. If this is your application, the sensible thing would be to debug through your application as you're repeating the steps to make the error occur.
If this isn't your app, post in the Hardware/Software section under Windows.


yeah the application is written and it is deployed some where on other machine. however the code is running fine on my system. So tell me if you can suggest something helpful.

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