I've done some searching, but just can't find a solution to this seemingly simple problem. Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way.

I simply want to highlight the row that the mouse pointer is over in a Listview (using the Details view).

I know you can use the HoverSelection property, and that works alright. The problem is, the program is setup so that after the user makes a selection (by clicking the mouse), the Listview hides. The HoverSelection apparently invokes the MouseClick event, so it seems to simulate the user clicking on an item, and the Listview hides after that, so you neever even see the highlighing of the item.

I really would like the functionality to work exactly like a combobox, where the mouse pointer instantly highlights whatever item it's over, so that the user knows what he is going to select BEFORE he selects it.

Can anyone point me to a good example of this?