I need help to create Process monitoring program. (services, system, and user-run processes)

If any software/Process wants to run, this program display it's details and ask user to allow or block software/Process.

Also display List of All Running Processes with it's address(process related with perticular software) with stop/block process option.

Block programs based on Process Name/Remote IP/Remote Port/Local Port. Start with windows and block program by default stored in database. Ask to user before allowing each and every program to run.

Monitor Incoming/Outgoing connection over internet. Do not want to use built in windows firewall


  • Trusted Process(Added in database)
  • Blocked Process(Added in database)
  • Allow Process(Live before running any program)
  • Block Process(Live before running any program)
  • Terminate Process(Live before running any program)

Is it possible with c++ or Visual Basic 6.0?

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