I have migrated my Oracle Developer 6i Forms and Reports to Oracle Developer 11g. Everything works fine except three of my batch report applications. They generate 300 to 400 reports each, which in 6i were stored (in pdf format) in a Windows network folder. From the folder they were emailed to their respective organizations. Now they pop up in the browser, which becomes overloaded after about 30 reports. The browser collapses and the application abends.

How can I redirect the reports to a Window's folder or Unix directory (the database and application servers are Unix), or email each report as it is created directly to the intended recipient?

To determine the behavioral changes in Oracle Reports from 6i to 11g, try reading the manual! There have been MANY changes in the years between these releases!

"Try reading the manual?" I understand now why you are "Nearly a Posting Maven!" I had read the manual. I have re-read the manual. Thank you.

Perhaps someone with a little more patience with an old guy and who has accomplished what I'm trying to do can advise me?