who learn java with me if any one then ask me question ???????????????????

who learn java with me if any one then ask me question ???????????????????

I want. My question: is your question mark key broken?

Wait... so who is looking for the learning, you or us? You first worded it as if you were a student but then ended it as if you were an actual java programmer. I am a bit lost.

i am studying software engineer and i have a lot of interest in java..

Good ways to learn java is to: practice reading and writing codes, read books, and take classes. Also ask questions in between each one.

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yeah!offcourse .............but you guys learn java through video tutroials

Yes, some people would use videos (I personally don't use them as often). But I prefer youtube and Lynda.com if you are looking for videos.

video tutorials (in my experience) are a bad way to go. I don't even bother anymore counting the times someone came to me like: "hey, I followed this video tutorial, but I don't feel like I have a total grasp yet, can you explain it a bit further?"
so, first thing to do, check that video, figure out what it is of information he's been given, just to learn that it's yet another self-proclaimed Java guru, thinking posting a video tutorial of his own, while he's still learning, might get him some credibility as a developer.
in some cases, that video is the only one messed up they've seen, but I've had two students asking me for help, in which case I've:
1. de-installed their IDE
2. removed the JDK from their pc
and then said:
"Start over, and don't you dare open up Youtube."

sure, there are good video tutorials online, but a lot, and I mean a LOT, are pure crap. My advice, get a decent book. not only can you verify up front the reviews it has gotten, but they're even available when your internet connection is down.

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Good explanation on why videos are not the best way to learn!

video toturial + book+ a expert techer is enough for you guys!

And a lot of projects to test our skills!