I am using asp.net configuration tool for my website.
Have everything working fine (The sign out button and the database)
Now I want to implament something that shows the users who are online and offline.
An icon that shows up next to a users datbase table that if they are online shows icon "Online"
if Offline then icon showing "Offline"

Any help would be appriciated.


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Or if they are online turn their row green.

Thanks again for help.


best thing to do would be to have a field, in the users table, that acts like a flag. It should be a bit data type and 0 if the user is offline, updated to be a 1 when the user signs in successfuly, and return to a 0 when they log out successfuly.

We will need to know how your tables are structured, in terms of where all the user info is stored, in order to give you a more accurate solution.

Dani may be a good person to ask about this as she has the little beacon next to the time of a post is that user is online (that will probably be dependent on a flag like the one I mentioned above).

Hope this helps.


what will you do if user login in his panel but closed a broweser. if we doing this according by you. user still showing online.

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