I have a project due for my programming class on Friday and im hopelessly stuck on this problem if anyone could help me please, it would be great

The question is: Write a function that takes 4 arguments (integer, integer, picture, string). This function should be able to be used on any picture. This means you should not use specific numbers to determine how to manipulate the image. You should use the picture that was passed as an argument to create a new picture. The first thing you should to is double the size of the picture (Chapter 4.3). Once you have doubled the size of the picture you should turn the left half of the picture to grey scale. Next you should change the green value of the top right half of the picture to the first integer argument. Finally you should change the blue value of the bottom right half of the picture to the second integer argument. Now you should display your new picture and save it to the path that was passed as the string argument. When complete please email the code to me as you would a lab.

So far I have:

def crazyPic(newGreen,newBlue,pic,file):
        newPic = makeEmptyPicture(getWidth(pic)*2,getHeight(pic)*2
            for x in range(0,

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double the size of the picture (Chapter 4.3).

Not enough effort to convince me at least, not able to copy given code.


I just don't understand how to make the pic double in size
and sorry that the effort isn't "enough" this is my first semester doing this not everyone is a master at this

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