I want to read data from the microsoft access file(.mdb) using my servlet application . I need to read the data in .mdb file and format it to display on the web using my servlet application (or JSP)..How can i read data from .mdb file? I have never worked with mdb files before.
I need formatting the data and displaying it with some tables etc( i mean the presentation part).
SO thinking to use JSP instead of servelet..


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use jsp combined with servlets. jsp is meant solely for the GUI, not for bussiness logic.
ehm, you'll need to write the code that contacts your db.
but why access? you're better of with a decent DB. try MySql, it's free and a lot more reliable. especially if you try to work with .mdb files, since that tells me you're stuck with quite an old version of access.


I have a requirement of reading the data from file. I know how to retreive the data from the DB. But my need is to read it from the .mdb file. Any solutions?.

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