After I clicked the 'Run' button in Netbeans, it will compile and run and then it will stop at this point :
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I will have to press any key on the keyboard then it will display the text, but it doesn't allow the user to enter any form of input.
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Code below, any guidance is helpful.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(void) {

int height, length, width, volume, weight;

printf("Enter height of box: ");
scanf("%d", &height);
printf("Enter length of hon: ");
scanf("%d", &length);
printf("Enter width of bow; ");
scanf("%d", &width);
volume = height * length * width;
weight = (volume + 165) / 156;
printf("Volume Cubic Inches: %d\n", volume);
printf("dimensional weight (pounds): %d\n", weight);

return (0);


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I followed the instructions in this link - Click Here all except step 14 and 15 as the link is broken for that step. However I did "verifying the installation" in step 16 and it worked.

Netbeans version 7.2.1
MinGW compiler
C/C++ plugin Version:

On a sidenote, this may be a Netbeans flaw from the information I found in this thread - Click Here

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