Hey there community.
So I installed the latest version of MonoDevelop (on Arch Linux), and I wrote a "hello word" program to test if it installed alright. Building it, MonoDevelop says it builds successfully. However if i try to run it (with and without debugging), I get this error message:

Cannot open assembly '/home/anark10n/MonoDevelop/Projects/hello_world/hello_world/bin/Debug/hello_world.exe': No such file or directory.

Possible solutions I've seen around the net say it's a problem with having spaces in the file path, but as you can see, there aren't any. Going to the folder in question, I find that it's empty. It builds and executes fine from the command line, though.

Any ideas on how to solve or troubleshoot this?

I've not used MonoDevelop so I can only offer ideas, but if you can't find the build output, check your configuration for the Build Output Directory. It might be different from the one that's expected.

I guess you're running on Linux, has it been copied away somewhere for WINE to run? (Not sure how Mono works sorry)

I tried MonoDevelop as well bud it didn't open some of my Visual Studio 2010 projects. If you want a console basic applicatind, try: File > New > Solution. Select C# and Console Project, hit Forward and in Project Features, tick Unix Integration and launch script. It does the trick for me but for something more robust I find it easier just reboot on Windows and use Visual Studio which is a fairly decent IDE. Having said that, it's always good to have a second option on Linux for the sake of freedom. :-)

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