hey guyz...
i have VC++ 2010 project... (DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY)
and i have to use that dll (which is made byy c++) in VB 6 as reference...
when i am using it... giving me this msg...
'Can't Add a Referenve to specified file'

how to solve this...???

please help me...

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Do you know if the DLL a C++/CLI DLL? If so, then calling it directly like this may not be possible. You may be able to use COM Interop to connect to it, but even that isn't entirely certain, if the DLL is 64-bit code.

BTW, why do you have to use it in VB6? Is this a legacy application or a new project? Is VB6 part of the project requirements?

that DLL is in 32-bit code
yaa it is part of VB 6 project... any how i have to add that dll... wihout that i can solve bugs...
how can i upload my project files on forum??
soo pplz can understand problem exactly..

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