is it possible to input your name, middle name and surname and then will display initilas in large block letter made up of same character it represents???

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you mean if you enter First Middle Name, that you get a label with FMN?
sure, why wouldn't that be possible?

You are going to need 26 of some kind of 2-dimensional array that shows where to print the As in in large block of As, the B's in a large block of Bs etc.

i mean.. input those 3 names, then will display a large block of each letter made-up of the first letter of the names it represents..please help..

well, you still aren't completely clear. you mean you want to print the initials, but not in a 'font' rather in a large 'block'?
sure that's possible. whether it's easy is a different matter, might take you some time to write it for each letter, but JamesCherrill 's answer basically tells you how to tackle that problem.

you guys actually got the point...but is there any sample code for it??

maybe google can find someone like that.

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