Hi guys,
I have a VB6 exe file on pc A and I want run this exe from pc B.
Pc A and pc B are connected in internet.
Then, the running exe file in pc B has to send in real time data to pc A
Is it possible and how can I do?
Thak you in advance for your help


You say PC's are connected via internet, but how ? Are they connected as if in same building so you can map a drive on the other ? If so then have a mapped drive and the data can be saved to drive on relevant PC.

If not, then install program on remote PC and get it to email results to first PC, which are then extracted, as and when.


If you have the appropriate rights to access the remote PC, and if that program is available through a share on that PC and if it is a stand-alone program (does not require components that are not installed on your PC then you should be able to execute the program by


If the program is in a subfolder under the sharename then just add qualifiers to the path.

That's assuming you want to run the program on your computer. If you want to run it on the remote computer then you can use something like psexec to invoke it (a free sysinternals utility available from Microsoft).