Hello guys, i'm new here. I would like to convert my .txt file which have the following content into an array of int which every elemnt in the array should only have 4 character inside.


two[1]= 0x03;
two[2]= 0x00;
two[3]= 0x03;
two[4]= 0xf5;

This is the content of my file:


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can anyone move this thread to C programming? i posted wrongly.

admin pls delete this thread. thank you.

Normally in every programming language we have a split function and different functions which can be used to fInd or search sUb string or charachters in a STRING but approach should also be part of concern that it is not supposed to hit the performance as it may also require a loop that could be consumption of space and time . Since you are a beginner I will sugest you to learn algorithms which can help you to have good programming approch

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