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I have a problem with the error message "System Error & H80004005 (-2147467259)", this happens or appears when I make a program with VB6 and now I have created a program that will save me.

Please enlightenment, thanks for the help

but that error is shown when building, in design time, run time,...?


error message appears when the program will be stored, development current form is not a problem,
when I run the program is also not a problem

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I've seen the link you gave, I will try but it seems rather complex.
thanks in advance

@reverend Jim

in your link from microsoft, in the "resolution" is recommended to add the following additional declaration:
Private Declare Sub InitCommonControls Lib "comctl32.dll" ()

if I add it when stored error remains the same, then I change it to
Public Declare Sub InitCommonControls Lib "comctl32.dll" ()

the sub play, then I save the program again and error is gone, what will affect the way I again ?

thanks in advance, I hope your comment

@reverend Jim

I have tried by adding
Private Declare Sub InitCommonControls Lib "comctl32.dll" ()
taking on the form of the component Comctl32.Ocx control and on Form_Load, I call InitCommonControls but the results remain the same when the program turns out I save error message "System Error & H80004005 (-2147467259) Unspecified Error" still appears

please help, thanks in advance

hi all,
thank's for your help, btw i have been solved this problem
the answer is FLASH.OCX could not use version 11, must use old version

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