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Get a compiler that can deal with objective-C and start programming. If you're stuck on windows, the MinGW port of GCC handles objective-c, so long as you remember to get the optional objective-c bits with it. If you can use Linux or mac OSX, it'll be easier.

What will you be coding on - Windows, Linux or Mac OSX? Or even something else?


OSX is a must for developing Obj-c in its native environment. The majority of professionals using the language will be using OSX exclusively as Obj-c is a fairly closed language (maintained by Apple).

To run OSX legally you need an Apple Mac computer.

If you already have OSX, you can download XCode, the development environment for Obj-c from the app store or Apple's developer website developer.apple.com.

If you wish to publish apps, you will need to register for the developer program.

If you want tutorials, I recommend you start here.


As for books, Programming in Objective-C by Stephen G. Kochan would be the first I would pick up.

Best of luck!

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I would start learning Swift as it is a relatively new language. If you have a mac you can download xcode and start coding if you are on windows you can use vmaware and run a torrent version of the software on vmware it s rather slow and not legal so it s always best to use a mac. If you need swift lessons let me know

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