hello everyone
i was wondering if you guys can help me..
i am really tired i havent slept for 2 days trieng to figure out how to do this
i am a begginer in this and my prof asked me a game which is
he wants it in c language using the 20 years old graphics winbgim...
ok so i didnt know where to start
he told me to declare an array of 0s
and draw a shape inside of it in 1s(rectangle for ex)
and put the ball inside of it
if the ball hits 0s let it bounce back if it hits 1s let it continue its movment
so i dont have an idea where to start
ofcourse i am not asking you to do my job
but i just want you to give me hints steps anything to start with please ...
i would really appriciate it guys
thanks in advance :)

I think after 48 hours you must have some sort of code.

It will greatly benefit you if you show your two days worth of effort.

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I was going to say start here:


but before that get on paper how you think this is going to work. Think about frames, ball speed direction and checking collisions.

Once that is all planned on paper start coding, no one here will do it all for you.

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