Hey guys,
I ran into a small problem,
I need to make a software that does some basic calculation and saving to a custom file.

To make this software i don't know how to start, do i need to make an MFC Application? and if i do then what settings must i choose if i want the software to save small spreadsheets into one big project file with a custom extension.

Just looking for a guide on how to start making a program like this, something with settings of the MFC app (if i do need to make an MFC app).

Once im done with that i'm good to go cuz i know C++ quite well just will need to get famililar with new API

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well i didnt really want to use excel or java..
i just wanted something like the pic below is showing.


What type of project should i make and with what settings to achieve this?

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thanks a lot ill check it out,

edit: hey man this is exactly what i need.

mind helping me out by telling me if this can be intergrated into Visual Studio 2012?
also i really dont know where to start, there's so many downloads like the installer the zip etc. idk which one to get and how to setup a default wxWidgets app.

edit2: http://www.rhyous.com/2009/12/16/how-to-compile-a-wxwidgets-application-in-visual-studio-2008/
i think that will work?

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