Hello daniWeb, i have a question, i am trying to implement a live Ticker for my iOS app but i am stuck in a very frustating situation. So my app should have live internet connection to connect to a sever which has a ticker that Updates continuosly.

So here is what i need help with if anyone has a great way of doing this. I currently have the AFNetworking files added to my poject but now i need a way to display that Data being fetched onto my app so it would display it somewhat like this on the View :

**Live Ticker**
    $ 12.90

 ** Feed **

i want that value "12.90" to update when the server updates. so in my opinion, is it a view box that displays that Data there and is interconnected with the jSON thing ?
or do i put something like %g somewhere so that data is read and displayed ? similar to any program that reads data and outputs the read data or typed data.

Thank you so much, i really need this one just help. :)

I'll start off by saying I'm a complete noob to Obj-c/cocoa. So maybe I shouldn't even respond. And if this is nonsense I apologize. Why couldn't you make a c/obj-c object that handles the client connection on the phone, completely stand-alone, you make an instance of this object in your app, and simply have appdelegate receive notifications from this object? If you want some kind of animation you're on your own. But thats how I would handle it. Apple already handles run-time changes and updates with notifications.