anyone know about viewing an item from database but you only need to view is
for ex.
Juan|Juan Luna Benita St.|

thats the table and item in your database NOW
you want to see it from your dataGridview but the 9 letters only...

Juan|Juan Luna|

thats the output.. anyone can know?
sorry for my english.. please some help!

What you got so far?
Post your code here.

this is my code sir...

conn="SELECT * FROM tblSample "

    OleDBDR = OleDBC2.ExecuteReader
    If OleDBDR.HasRows Then
        While OleDBDR.Read

            dgvclients.Item(0, c).Value = OleDBDR.Item(0)
             dgvclients.Item(1, c).Value = OleDBDR.Item(1)
         end while
    end if

When I used this code this is the result...
Juan|Juan Luna Benita St.|

i really want want see is this
Juan|Juan Luna|
9 Letters only can be appear in datagridview...
that is possible sir????

9 Letters only can be appear in datagridview...

What you mean about 9 letters only?
You mean only first 9 records from your database?

No sir, I mean First 9 characters only.

You add data into your database the table name is Table1 the field name is Address the data you add is Juan Luna Benita St. if you can see the characters or letters I add is 20 included space.