Remarque the hand punch is connected to the network throug a converter from serial to network , so i need to connect the port and the ip at the same time , any help ?

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Here is a lengthy article on Serial/Parallel port programming in

Have you contacted the equipment manufacturer to see if there is some API that you can use?

i have an api but its a vb6 application , i tried to decompile it , but unfortunately its a vb6 and BAS coding ... i want to develop a similar one throug

Does the application have non os libraries? For example: Something that was copied and registered when the application is installed?

the application has no installation wizard, its an exe file with a dll only

Try adding the Dll file to your project and use intuition to decalare some instances of the possible classnames inside. If the vendor has no documentation it will be extremely slow, but none the less, it could be a viable option.

If the application is written in VB6 you might have to work with interopt.

dunno what to do if you want i can give the exe file and the dll to check them

After a quick google session I found a piece of software that claims to expose the functions in a dll.

See if this might help you in any way.

Beware! I did not download this software or try it. It could be legit or could be scam.

thanks for your help

i want to write a to let me connect to my hand punch . my hand punch has serial port that are connected to converter that convert the serial port to network , that converter has an ip addreess , this converter is connected to my network , how i can wirte a code that can let me be connected to my handpunch throug this converter and get a fucntion form my dll ?

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