Ok, so I got a program to do in TurboPascal but it's not doing the one of the requirements and I'm not sure how to get it so the question states: Write a program to read in the names of a sequence of products and their price. The program terminates when a 0 price is encountered for a product. The program should print the number of items purchased and a grand total. The data will be entered in the following order: Product,Price,Product,Price...

This is what I have so far:

program sequence;

uses wincrt;

var price,count,pre_sum,new_sum,sum,new_price:integer;product:string;


 While price<>0 do
      Writeln('Grand Total: ',sum);
      Writeln('The number of items purchased is ',count);


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What's the problem?

It's suppose to add all the prices together, but once i go more than 2 prices for 2 products, it gives me incorrect numbers, im trying to get a grand total each time a product is entered for eg. Ham-500,Chicen-500 Grand Total=1000 or Ham-500,Chicken,200,Rice-300...Grand Total=1000 but it just wont add the third price with the previously entered prices

I should init sum to zero before the while and line 16 should read sum := sum + Price;
EDIT: ho, count should also be initialised to zero.

Your idea worked!!! Just that it needed a bit of adjusting :D(initializing sum:=Price;before while) thanks much man thanks!!! If you have the time could you check out my other post? Title is "This doesn't make sense"... Thanks again.

Nevermind, you guys already did :D

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