I am writing a program for a clinic now. here is my code ,the problem now is I need to write 2 functions for my program

The first function : is to capture time of registration The second function: is for treated time of patient -each patient can consult DR max 15 mints- Can you please help me how to do that or if you have any Idea what field / where I should search about this ? thanks

here is my registration Class(if its needed I put the whole code here let me know )

template <class Type1,class Type2,class Type3> 
              LinkedQueueType<Type1,Type2,Type3>::void setpatientInfo()
               long double IC;
               long double aptNo;
               newNode=new nodeType<Type1,Type2,Type3>;
                cout<<"whats patient name? "<<endl ;
             cout <<"enter the patient IC"<< endl;
               //add new patient

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Call time() from time.h to get time of registration. I assume time of registration is when SetPatientInfo() is called. As for treatment time -- you will most likely have to get it as a string from user input at the keyboard.

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