Write a C++ program to compute and display a person's monthly salary as determined. If the status is Technician the person receives RM70 perday for 26 days work in a month. If the status is Lecturer the person receives RM200 perday for 26 days work in a month. if the status is Instructor the person receives RM150 perday for 26 days work in a month. The program should request the status as input and should display the salary ad output.

What have you done so far and what problems did you encounter?

What kind of programs have you already created? In C or C++? This is the C++ forum.

First off, you have to understand that no one here is going to write the program for you. This forum is for assisting programmers with projects, but we do not provide free homework solutions of the sort you seem to be looking for. In the forum rules, it states specifically:

Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments.

This means that, unless and until you show us the code you've already written, we cannot do much to help.

Second off, is the program supposed to be in C, or in C++? These are two different languages, even though they are closely related, and writing the program for one of them is different from writing it for the other.

Third, if you don't know how to write the program, can you tell us what is holding you back, specifically? We may be able to give general advice, even if we can't solve it for you directly.

Fourth, you need to realize that this forum is not like chat or IM; there may be a lag of hours or even days before you get a response. Conversely, the size of the message does not have to be limited; thus you can and should write out full setneces, without resorting to SMS-type abbreviatations.

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