Can someone help me with the following quesitons?

char m[6];
int *rip[10];
struct george *c[6];
struct mike BigDeal(char *);

How to describe in English???

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char m[6];
An array consisting of six variables of type char.

int *rip[10];
The variable rip can hold pointers to variables of type int

I found these two answer from the book......but I still need help with another two.

>char m[6];
'm' is an array of of 6 characters.

>int *rip[10];
'rip' is an array of 10 pointers to int

>struct george *c[6];
'c' is an array of 6 pointers to objects of type 'struct george'

>struct mike BigDeal(char *);
'BigDeal' is a function taking a pointer to char as a parameter and returning an object of type 'struct mike'

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