Hey guys, I'm planning to develop a java web text editor which stores its entries on a MySQL database and is then private for every user. This is a learning curve for me and I will share all of my findings and such on here. Can anyone give me any advice regarding the integration of Java into MySQL and the development/debugging process? I already have a simple text editor and I hope to tinker it into this project.

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integration of Java into mysql????
that's not really the way it works. you use a connector to connect your project to a db, and you just write Java code. just make sure the server of the db is running when you try to access it.

do you have any experience in using a DB in Java applications?

if not, I would recommend with starting using that, simple stand-alone apps just to get "the hang" of working with your db.

JDBC is a bit the basic way to communicate with a db, but in the future version of Java, jdbc 'll be less available, so I would recommend looking into the Java Persistence Api (JPA) or Hibernate instead.

I'm new to Java, so don't know too much about database integration. I'm pretty experienced in the web languages so my assumption stemmed from there. Ok, where would the database be stored in relation to the site? Do I just need to make a folder and ftp it over?

first learn how to use a db with Java, then worry about the web-part. depending on how you write your code, the db could be on a server on the other side of the world. all depends on your code and configuration.

Alisha: don't double (and certainly don't tripple) post.
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I 've given an answer in the first thread you've posted this in: read it.

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