My dear friends,

I'm stuck in the middle of my project because I'm unable to figure out how this problem could be resolved.

I have to implement a time constraint ( admin supplied ), MCQ type of quiz with a fixed structure of only 4 options which is to be extracted from the specific MySQL db table. Now the catch is
1. There would be only 1 question displayed at a time.
2. The Candidate taking the test would have 4 options i.e. to skip to the next question, or to answer this question or to go back to un answered question or to end the exam.
3. If any radio button is clicked once then that would get locked and would be counted as answered.
4. If the candidate presses the End Exam button or if the specified ( admin supplied ) time is over then a score of his present marks is stored with his username and test_id to a separate db table.
5. Each right answer gives 4 marks, unanswered gives 0 and wrong answer gives -1 marks.

It's quiet complex in my present knowledge so I hope you guys can sort something out, please help me to get this kind of script from some where or enligten the path so that I can do it by your help.

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I suggest that you start with a logic diagram or some pseudo-code to lay out the logic of the program. If you can't do that, then there is no point in even worrying about the PHP to implement it because you'll never be able to debug it if you get that far. It isn't our job to do your homework! If you can't get to the point of having some code that is mostly working then you aren't properly prepared for this assignment. That might be because you haven't done / understood the work prior to this, you don't really have the ability to do this kind of work or the school program hasn't given you the proper preparation. Whatever the answer, there is no point in trying to get through this by having other people do it for you.

Is there's any way so that I could prevent the embedded iframe page to load itself ( because I have placed a Jquery timer in it which redirects to a page which calculates and displays Score of the candidate ) even if the page on which it is embedded is refreshed.

Is there any open source code to do that? i also need something like this.

YOU can search on google "porquiz"

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