I am trying to make a program to manage 150 url's with logins and password information. Would be great if it could "autologin" but if not it doesnt matter. Just to open the browser and go to website when the specific website is selected from a list.

Thought of using a combobox or dropdownlist for displaying the websites available to the user.

Hope ive given enough information.

security: with regards to security, i am not extremely worried about this, but if there were some ways to add security that would be great. thanks.


1)which language could i use, i am a little familiar with python and php

2) combobox or ddl for displaying.. or any other recommendations


(ps. sorry if it is a duplicate/poor question, i have not had any luck with searching)

ha even tried AHK ;)

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Will this be just for you or will it be for multiple users?

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Will this be just for you or will it be for multiple users?

just for me, I am doing a little experiment. yeah 150 websites is a lot for one person! ;) haha

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