This is a card game which may have two or more players. Each of the players is given 4 face down cards at a time. The player can reveal his/her cards once he/she gets them. Other 4 cards are kept face up in the center for all the players to see. The remaining cards are kept aside face down in a pile. In one turn of the game, one of the players pick one card from the pile and reveals it to him only. If any of the cards from the 4 center cards matches (same number, different suit) to any of his cards, this will make a pair and he will take it. This will award one extra turn to the player who made the match. Again he will pick a card from the pile and decides if there is a matching card. His turn will end when there is no card in his set that matches to the four center cards. Every player must keep four cards with him at a time, which means that once the turn ends, the player will have to reveal one of his cards and place it in the center with the other 4 cards.

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Good to know. Best of luck with it.

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I see

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