Does anybody has a hint how can I learn game development for slot /fruit/machines??

Thanks !!

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Not clear, you want to code a game in some embedded device ? use j2me/embedded C++
what exactly are you trying to do ?

Yes I have to code in embedded C. I would like to g know the "ropes" to be able to develop a working fruit machines :-)on Heber platforms./Pluto series/.I dont have a clue where to start.What to learn.

Thank you for your answer!!! ;-)

So do you have any experience of C at all?
What about experience of embedded C on other platforms?

Yes I have some experience in C,but not in embedded platforms.

Thank you very much for your kind and fast raply. Yes, Im gonna have the development kit soon.I was just looking for the sources how can I gain more info as regards to programming on pluto platforms.

Thanks again ;-)

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