Hello everyone,

One of my friend got the mini project in college.She is expected to do the project in VB.net.

She want to be sure that what are all the software required.
Is these software enough to learn the VB.net as a starter

1. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable.
2. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Software Development Kit
3.DirectX 9.0 Complete Software Development Kit (SDK).
4.SharpDevelop IDE(Front End for Vb.net)

She still has 3 months time to start the project. In the meantime she wanted to learn the subject in hand before getting into the project.

Any help or advice will be appreaciated.

Many Thanks

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Those are enough, though DirectX SDK isn't required if you won't use it; but I suggest Visual Studio .Net 2003 or greater with MSDN Help installed if you are new to .Net coding.

Loren Soth

why not using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition (you can download from Microsoft website) with .Net Framework 2.0


If she is intrested in Database programming, ask her to refer this Title:"Database programming using VB.Net and SQL server" by VK publishers.


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