design a digitally controlled washing machine that sets the wash temperature to 80degree
celcius for cotten clothes 40degree celcius per quick wash and 1000 revolution for rinse and
dry only using Microsoft visual STUDIO 2010 c++ programming

//please this is all i could do, help improve in respect to the question

    using namespace std;`

  using namespace std;
    int main()
    int tempsensor; //from the temperature sensor console

    int revolcycle=1000; //gotten from the motor console
    int timer =1 ;
    char washtype;
    int revolution = revolcycle/timer;
    char cotton;
    char quickwash;

    if (washtype = cotton) //link to a button in the machine through console
    tempsensor = 80;
    cout <<"ready for cotton";
    return (0);
    if (washtype = quickwash)
    tempsensor = 40;
    cout<<"ready for quick wash\n"; 
    if (revolution = 1000)
    char rinse;  
    char dry;


    system ("pause");



= is assignment.

x = y means: make the value of z the same as the value of y.

== is comparison

x == y means: is x the same value as y?

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