I have a class cyclotomic{public: int p; int *cyclonumber;
??? createZetas(void} Obviously there is more to the class. For
intance when a class is constructed, the cyclonumber pointer is newed into an array of size p-1. Everything is public. The function createZetas is supposed to create and return a newed array of new cyclotomic classes the i'th term of cyclonumber is to be 1 and the rest 0. That part is easy, but creating the new array of pointers to new classes is not coming along no matter what I do.

I will greatly appreciate any help to improve my apalling lack of knowledge.

Please provide the code, both header and source files, otherwise it will be very difficult to help you.

Thanks for the reply. I asked the wrong question. I will try to post my code. I have had trouble doing this on Daniweb, probably because of the antiquity of my computer.

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