I'm trying to do some inheritance/polymorphism, and so I'm making a parent class.
This is in the header.

class CProtoType
	virtual ~CProtoType(){};

	virtual CString field1();
	virtual CString field2();
	virtual CString field3();
	virtual CString field4();
	virtual CString field5();

And this is the source:

#include "CProtoType.h"

CString CProtoType::field1()
	return("Hello World!");

CString CProtoType::field2()


CString CProtoType::field3()


CString CProtoType::field4()


CString CProtoType::field5()


These are part of a larger existing file, but when I try to compile the .cpp for it, I get the following error:

fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header directive

And it ends up looking at the last bracket. Why doesn't this simple setup work?

you must include stdafx.h before any other header files in the *.cpp file(s) -- or turn off precompiled heaters.