Ok, before I get started I have a few things I need to clear up.

1) I am relatively new to VB, I come from a webdesign background and picked up the basics pretty quick.
2) I dont have an understanding ADO
3) I am not using VB.net, dont judge me because of it (not my PC)

I am writing a program that will allow users to preview, and submit their own bands and songs etc.

I need to connect to a MySQL database to store some data.
I have the database built. I have 2 servers online which I have to my disposal and also MySQL Server 5.0 installed on my PC.

Now I have looked at many different sites, and no1 either writes in VB5 or actually explains their code.

Could someone please give me a hand.

A tutorial would be nice but u dont have to go through the whole effort of great detail.

But if som1 could go through the trouble of explain the code rather than just pasting because I do need to understand it.


PS. Sorry for my blunt-ness, but i can be rather confusing and even longer winded if im not. Sorry if i have annoyed anyone