How to make initials-counter program?

Hello, I'm trying to make a program that asks for the user's initials (3 letters) and a block of text, and then reports how many times their initials showed up in the block of text.

For example, if my intials are VKL, and I type "Victor likes licking people" as a block of text, the program should print out "Your string contained 6 matches from your initials."

My code is below, I'm making some progress so far. Can anyone tell me what I must do next? What loop is the best to use?

initials = []
        initials = input("Please enter your initials.")
        text = input("Please enter a line of text.")

Your indention is incorrect and the line 3 is doing nothing as it is 1, which is not saved anywhere. I do not also understand your example.