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Hello there..I am trying to build program on sudoku in 'C'.Can anyone help me or want to take part in my project,If yes then plz send me mail on: email removed by moderator. So anyone interested plz mail me.Thx..

don't know if it will help or not, by I wrote a Sudoku Solver program in C# if you are interested


I need source code Sudoku in or java. Someone could you help me. I need this for study. If you have it, please send to my email :<email snipped>

hello!!!i also need a sourse code of sudoku in pascal!! If u have it plz send to my e-mail <email snipped>Thzzzzzz

Hi. I too am developing sudoku. I basically have everything down but puzzle generation

So I'm thinking if anyone knows a link or something that gets me source code for generating puzzles (preferably returning a 2 dimentional array) I'd be really grateful. It'll save me a lot of time.

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