dear all,
i am trying to enter data into a flex-grid from a text box and combo box by pressing a command button. after that i need to be able to se my data to a recordset. my code works fine when i enter one record but when i try to enter the second it just replaces the first.

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did you added the following to your code:-

MSFlexGrid1.Rows = MSFlexGrid1.Rows + 1
MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(MSFlexGrid1.Rows - 1, 0) = Text1.Text
MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(MSFlexGrid1.Rows - 1, 0) = Combo1.Text

hope this helps you to solve the issue.

thank you for your answer but i had already done that, except instead of MSFlexGrid1.Rows i used a variable y(for the row number, because i only need two columns). i solved the problem by setting my variable as an integer and now it allows me to enter multiple data fields rather than replacing them. thanks a lot again.

BUT, after solving it an new "problem" has occurred. in my project this flexgrid is used to enter the data of what the customer is ordering and the quantity. so is it possible to be able to save that to one record?

so is it possible to be able to save that to one record?

do you mean to insert the record into Database ?

I have solved the problem
your help was invaluable
i don't have any problems now thanks to you
i have finished my documentation and I will be turning in my project soon :) !
thank you all

if problem really solved then please mark this thread as solved

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