when I create a program with VB6 and I do storage program that I have made the message "System error & H80004005 (-2147467259). Unspecified error".

Can you all enlighten me?
thank you for your help

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Minimalist thank you for your reply, but the problem is not there, I've never gotten an error like the link you mentioned, but this one is a different case.

Once again thank you for your response,

best regards

"minimalist" error appears when I edit the main program on the mdi form and when I save the edits comes the error message

I don't understand. You mean edit the code or put data into a form and than try to save. Also use debug and show the code where the error is raised.

I think he meant:

I get the error when saving the file/project.

The only reason I can think is that you are using the FLASH8.ocx file.

Try removing that control in your form.

Well I googled it again and went a bit further.The conclusion is that there are many reasons that error can be thrown. It would be helpful to see the original code that worked and the code that you edited and throws the error.

@ abelingaw, my right to wear flash.ocx accesories main menu program I created, and it is also true when there is a change in the main program and I could not save it, but usually it does not matter.

But this time I was outsmarted by using notepad.exe For the editors if there is a change in the main program and it worked, @ abelingaw no other way than removing flash.ocx, I wear his flash.ocx final version version 10

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