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A friend of mine dazzeled me with by asking to write "Architecture for Client-Server in C". As I am noive in C I didnt got his question.
I don't expected a prepared recipe but I want to learn the idea what he actually meant.

Please Suggest.

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Beej's guides contain intros to network programming and interprocess communication which are both excellent.

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Unimportant's links are good places to start, but you need to think about the process/protocols to communicate from client->server->client.

  1. Server starts and "listens" on a port for connection requests.
  2. Client attempts to "connect" to server on that port.
  3. Server "accepts" the connection request, getting a socket associated with that specific client.
  4. Client sends data to server.
  5. Server responds to client.
  6. Ad-infinitum... :-)

Have fun! This is basic networking 101 in action... :-)

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Thanx Guys . . . . that helped a lot.


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