Help! application is rapidly degrading.....

I have had problems with netbeans being able to keep subprojects incorporated with the main projects (loaded into tabs). Usually solved by recompiling the missing .java file, doing a clean build and they load back in.

Now I have the error, component cannot be intantiated.... Once on a single .java file but now on 4 files... once I even lost all the code for one file (Completely blank) but was able to re-load from history.

I have searched the web and what I have found is to view the IDE log, find the line that causes the prob, coment it out and then it will load back in, and just remove the comments. Have viewed the log, only to see 3-400 lines of information that sends my head spinning, and I have no idea what I am looking for.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to help me to resolve this problem it would be greatly appriciated.

and by that description you think we can help?
you don't show any code,
you don't show any of the logs,
you don't mention which framework(s) you use, or how the configuration is implemented ...
tons of possible reasons, I'm afraid.

What stultuske said, plus this - the reason I don't use IDE's to generate code, java, c, c++, or other is that when I write code I want FULL CONTROL over what is going on - at least to the extent that the compiler allows me! So, I use make for C/C++ (and sometimes java), and ant/maven for java applications (when forced to). All code is written in my text editor of choice (nedit for Unxi/Linux systems and notepad++ for Windows).

The ant build tool is part of the java distributions. Maven can be found here:

for about 30 min I had it working right, then it happened again....
Here is the ide log
Let me know what else you need
all I remember doing just before it happened is resizing a couple of jlables

Never mind.... got it working again. hopefully for a while.

@rubberman Really? nedit for Unix/Linux? I assume you do not use UTF-8 for your standard file encoding? Because the last time I used nedit it did not support UTF-8 encoding and that caused some very irritating problems for the web-site I was working on. Or does it now support UTF-8 file encoding?

P.S. You REALLY should look into using an IDE. Not for generating code, I, generally, do not do that either, but for the fact that they really DO increase productivity. I am VERY much of the school that you should NOT use one when LEARNING the language, but that they make GREAT sense once you DO know what you're doing.

Thanks for the advice...... Been programming since the late '70s, but this my first stab at doing a full blown application in java. I was getting agrivated when I write 5 or 10 lines of code only to have to spend 1 to 3 hours convincing netbeans that I knew what I was doing.... I know arguing with a picky computer ;)

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