Hi again everybody.

Has anyone used tnFox Gui Toolkit? I've just looked at FLTK which seems to be perfect if you want to creat a small file size and easy to use. I'm exploring other options like this too.

Is tnFox small in filesize. wxWidgets generates a rather big file. Has anyone used it?

Any user reviews on this would be highly appreciated. If you can suggest another type of Gui Toolkit which creates a small file, is Cross platform and has a RAD tool for building the gui and similar licensing terms (LGPL) it's something I will look into.


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I don't know about file sizes specifically, but have you tried Qt? It fits all your other criteria: easy to use, good RAD tool, and LGPL (or commercial) licensing.

As for tnFox, I have never heard of it.


If you think wxWidgets generates a big file surely QT is out of the question.

But I'd like to know why you think widgets is too bloatd un usable>

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wxWidgets is great. I just have a specific need on this one occasion to create a small file.
I always use wxWidgets.

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