I need help printing 5 Fibonacci numbers per line. The user is asked how may numbers would they want printed and if the user indicates they want 15 numbers printed then it should look like this:

1 1 2 3 5
8 13 21 34 55
89 144 233 377 610

I have the Fibonacci numbers printed out correctly but can't get it to print 5 numbers per line then make a new line and print the next 5 numbers. I tried implementing a for loop and I put the code as comments. I know I need to divide the counter value (which it's initial value is 1) 5 which is counter value/5. If the remainder is not zero then it should increment. Once the counter value is greater than the requested Fibonacci number then the loop terminates.

I'm using the kip irvine library and it's MASM for x86 processors. Please help!

INCLUDE Irvine32.inc

;defined constant for upper limit of Fibonacci terms


caption db "Fibonacci Numbers", 0   ;Message Box (Do something incredible for me!)
HelloMsg    BYTE    "Welcome to Fibonacci Number for Fun!", 0dh, 0ah
            BYTE    "Click OK to Begin", 0
title1      BYTE    "                 Fibonacci Numbers", 0
title2      BYTE    "                     Programmed by Riam S. Kidd", 0    
rules1      BYTE    "Enter the number of Fibonacci terms to be displayed", 0
rules2      BYTE    "Give the number as an integer in the range [1 .. 46].", 0
askName     BYTE    "What's your name? ", 0
userName    BYTE    33 DUP(0)   ;string to be entered by user
greetUser   BYTE    "Nice to meet you, ", 0
askFibnum   BYTE    "How many Fibonacci terms do you want?  ", 0
invalidNum  BYTE    "That's an invalid number. Please enter a number in the range of 1 and 46." ,0
goodBye     BYTE    "Have a Nice Day! Good-Bye   ", 0
exclaim     BYTE    " ! ", 0
fibsNum     DWORD   ?   ;get number of Fib terms to display from user
dNum        DWORD   ?
remainNum   DWORD   ?

main PROC

;Message Box Display
    mov     ebx,OFFSET caption
    mov     edx,OFFSET HelloMsg
    call    MsgBox

;Display title 1:  Fibonacci Numbers
    mov     eax, green + (black*16) ;sets text color to green
    call    SetTextColor
    mov     edx,OFFSET title1       ;set up for call to WriteString
    call    WriteString
    call    Crlf
    call    Crlf

;Display title 2: programmer's name
    mov     eax, white + (black*16) ;sets text color back to white
    call    SetTextColor
    mov     edx,OFFSET title2       
    call    WriteString
    call    Crlf
    call    Crlf

;Display instructions line 1
    mov     edx,OFFSET rules1       
    call    WriteString
    call    Crlf

;Display instructions line 2
    mov     edx,OFFSET rules2
    call    WriteString
    call    Crlf
    call    Crlf

;Get user name
    mov     edx, OFFSET askName
    call    WriteString
    mov     edx, OFFSET userName
    mov     ecx, 32
    call    ReadString

;Greet user by name
    mov     edx, OFFSET greetUser
    call    WriteString
    mov     edx, OFFSET userName
    call    WriteString
    call    Crlf

;get number of Fib terms to display from user
    mov     edx,OFFSET askFibnum
    call    WriteString
    call    ReadInt
    mov     fibsNum, eax
    call    Crlf

;validate user input
    mov     eax, fibsNum
    cmp     eax, FIBSTERM   ;check condition that input is not greater than 47
    jge     greater         ;out of bounds input
    jl      initial         ;go to intial if Fib terms are acceptable

    mov     edx, OFFSET invalidNum ;displays message if user input is invalid and reminds user to enter correct number within range
    call    WriteString
    call    Crlf
    call    Crlf
    jmp     input       ;prompts user to start again
    call    Crlf

;initializing Fibonacci sequence -- if this is not in place it doesn't calculate correctly
    mov     eax, white + (green*16); white on green background -- highlights Fibonacci printout
    call    SetTextColor    
    mov     ebx, 1  ; initial setup
    mov     edx, 0
    mov     ecx, fibsNum  ; get number of Fib

;loop calculating and printing Fibonacci sequence
    mov     eax, ebx        
    add     eax, edx
    mov     ebx, edx
    mov     edx, eax
    call    WriteDec        ;print out Fibonacci numbers    
    mov     al,  TAB        ;horizontal tab
    call    WriteChar       ;write the tab displays it aligned
    loop    L1  ;subtract 1 from ecx, if ecx !=0, goes to L1. reach 0 terminates loop
    mov     eax, white + (green*16) ;white on green background
    call    SetTextColor

;Put code as comment because it won't make new line after 5 characters. 
;I tried but failed to make it work.    

    ;mov        eax, 1      ;define counter variable has initial value of 1. 
    ;mov        ebx, 5      ; divide by 5
    ;div        ebx
    ;inc        eax         ; remainder incremented if != 0
    ;mov        dNum, eax
    ;mov        remainNum, edx
    ;cmp        remainNum, 0 ;if remainer is not equal to 0 then counter is incremented 
    ;cmp        eax, fibsNum ;checks if ebx (counter is greater than fibsNum.  If it is then loop terminates. If less then loops.
    ;jle        L2

    mov     eax, white + (black*16) ; white on black background -- goes back to default color and background
    call    SetTextColor
    call    Crlf
    call    Crlf

;Farewell Message
    mov     edx, OFFSET GoodBye
    call    WriteString
    mov     edx, OFFSET userName
    call    WriteString
    mov     edx, OFFSET exclaim
    call    WriteString
    call    Crlf
    call    Crlf

    exit        ; exit to operating system

main ENDP

END main
dec counter
cmp 0,counter
jz resetCounter
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