I want to print adress from a database containing lot of records. I have done it through report.
But the problem is, All the address is printed in a single column. I want it to print in four or five columns in the paper so that I can save a lot of paper. Any body help me

Do you have access to MSWord?
Word has a Tools\Letters And Mailings\Mail Merge Wizard
Suposedly you can connect to any DB but they seem to favor Access. It allows selection of the Make and Model of mailing label and pretty much does everything else for you.

Perhaps someone else has better ideas! Please!
If not, what version of Word, if any, do you have access to?
If you don't have word, there is always a way.

I have no MS Word sir.

What reporting tool are you using ?

I am using Data Report of visual basic (I am new to Visual Basic)

I didn't tried that much.

But any way there is a way to do it.

instead of using a single command you have to use two commands.

Command1 must be populated with the even data such as(0,2,4,...)

Command2 must be populated with the even data such as(1,3,5,...)

And in the data report you have to implement 2 repeat lables and link it with the address field in the database.

Since you are a newbie to vb6 and reporting cases I suggest u to visit the complete thread in the below link Click Here

The link contains the problem which u ll going to face in the development phase.So go through it.

So that you can print address easily.

And remember dont keep the fields auto grow option to be false..

Please code it as a fixed size field.

Hope this helps u...

Have a happie coding...:-D

Forgot to mention

Instead of coding in command you can populate the two parts in the record source. It can simplify your work..

Sorry sir I couldn't get it. Will you pl explain it ( like - to a very begginer)


Sorry My friend you have to do your own work. All i can do is helping you to find a solution. You can google that. There are lot of sample code regarding this. Just try that first. And then ask when you stuck.