I write this post to ask where I can make bulk purchase of computer science e-books (say, 1000 books on a CD).

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Obviously eBooks are generally less expensive than printed material. However, if purchased legitimately, 1,000 eBooks could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention that you need quite a bit of free time to read all of that material.

Sites like packtpub offer access to all their ebooks for a monthly/yearly fee.

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I believe Oreilly has a similar deal where you pay a monthly fee and get access to all their ebooks.

Safari Books Online is what I use. Unlimited access is $43/month which is steep (cheaper options limit your books per month), but they have books on nearly everything, from abstract theory to concrete step-by-step manuals and everything in between, with an excellent topic search feature.

@JorgeM. The price is no problem; I'm trying to make the purchase for my university's library, we are trying to make the library electronic.

Have the University make the purchase Less$$$$

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